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Ethiopian Tech: Gebeya on the rise after a successful $2 million seed round

On February 6th, the Ethiopian company closed a $2m deal with Partech, Orange Digital Ventures and Consonance Investments Managers. This new round of investment has strengthened the position of the startup on the international stage as a leader in IT, innovation, and technology education, and as one of the best partner in the sub-region when it comes to finding well-trained …

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#Asia: mClinica, the Philippine startup advancing healthcare through mobile technology

Across emerging markets, more than one billion people currently lack access to safe and affordable medicines. These markets are currently facing unprecedented changes related to healthcare and to the pharmaceutical industry. Along with the rise of a middle-class,  the demand for medicines keeps increasing while this demand is shifting from infectious diseases to non-communicable diseases and chronic diseases like diabetes, …

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#Cuba Series 2: The Cuban Education Paradox

This post is the second part of a series of analysis called “Will the Cuban Revolution be digitalised?”, following StartupBRICS exploration of Cuba last August with our connector Brian O’Hagan. You can read the first part here.  Since the transition of leadership from Fidel to Raul in the middle of the 2000s, Cuba has undergone a profound period of transformation. …

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#Cuba Series 1: Cuba’s new, slow and expensive connection to the World

This post is the first part of a series of analysis called “Will the Cuban Revolution be digitalised?”, following StartupBRICS exploration of Cuba last August with our connector Brian O’Hagan.  Since the transition of leadership from Fidel to Raul in the middle of the 2000s, Cuba  has undergone a profound period of transformation. If the Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro …

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#Morocco : Medtrucks, when technology and passion meet to save people’s lives

In Morocco, there are more than 10000 dialysis patients that are suffering from renal insufficiency. More than a third of them do not have access to the basic medical assistance needed. They have to walk long distances, or find themselves stuck on long waiting list of patients that determine their survival.  This results in thousands of people that are struggling every …

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#LATAM : The rising stars of Latin America’s Fintech sector gathered in Bogota for FinnoSummit!

On February 16th 2016, Finnovista organized its first Fintech (Financial Technology) conference in Bogota, Colombia. Finnovista is an international organization that accelerates the development of startups focused on digital financial services and empowers the Fintech ecosystem worldwide. FinnoSummit brought together 260 participants and 9 startups from all over Latin America. It helped connect all actors of the Fintech ecosystem: entrepreneurs, …

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Toro Orero

#SiliconValley Africa: 5 Things to Know About DraperDarkFlow, The New VC Fund Backed by Tim Draper

By Eva Nean “African startups, you are officially free to go nuts! The more nuts you are, the better DraperDarkFlow will fund you”. The tone is set. For starters, DraperDarkFlow is a new early Venture Capital Fund that “invests in African entrepreneurs who can change the world”. Launched in Silicon Valley this year by Tim Draper and Toro Orero, DraperDarkFlow invests …

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Gregory Rockson of mPharma e-prescription network for emerging markets

#SiliconValley Africa: mPharma Is Going to Disrupt the Healthcare Sector in Emerging Markets – Here’s How

Gregory Rockson, CEO of mPharma is building the largest pharmaceutical data platform for emerging markets. How is he doing it? By Eva Nean Disruption. Here is an instance where the beloved tech buzzword will not be used in vain. mPharma co-founded in 2013 by Ghanaian entrepreneur Gregory Rockson is laying the foundation to become the number one e-prescription network in emerging …

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Taiwan Startup Stadium: The Innovation Cluster That Rocks The East Asian Ecosystem

“Startup entrepreneurship has a lot in common with what it takes to be an athlete on a playing field: excellence, competitiveness, persistence, speed, teamwork”  says Anita Huang, team captain of Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS), the new startup cluster launched this May in Taipei. The initiative is supported by HeadStart Taiwan, a project driven by the Taiwanese Development Council to develop …

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